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10 Crucial Points That Can Become A Hurdle In Your Twitter Marketing
Posted by Sanket Patel to Social Media

Twit­ter is one of the best social net­work­ing site, used by mil­lions of peo­ple. It helps you to stay con­nected with your fam­ily, friends and co-workers. It is a great plat­form to exchange your quick and fre­quent mes­sages. Twit­ter allows you to write short tweets, which should be around 140 char­ac­ters. The posts cre­ated by you gets posted to your pro­file and then sent to your fol­low­ers. Every­one who is present on Twit­ter obvi­ously want­ing to have a lot of fol­low­ers who fol­low them with or with­out any motive. Although, it is a real­ity that peo­ple are only going to fol­low you when there is a rea­son or when they have some­thing to gain from it. So, it is very impor­tant for you to fol­low the required steps in order to avail a large num­ber of followers.

Twitter Marketing

How­ever, there may be cer­tain rea­sons, because of which peo­ple on Twit­ter won’t fol­low you. Let’s have a look at some of these points:

1. Don’t have a proper bio: If one doesn’t have a proper Twit­ter bio or even have not cre­ated the bio, may become a good rea­son for the other peo­ple to not to fol­low you. A bio is nec­es­sary as it tells the peo­ple about your­self, who you are. If you don’t have a bio, other may think that you are hid­ing some­thing, which throws a neg­a­tive impres­sion of yours. It only takes a few min­utes to cre­ate a twit­ter bio, if one wants oth­ers to fol­low him.

2. Don’t have an Avatar: Avatar is a sym­bol or a pic­ture that tells the world about your per­son­al­ity or inter­est. If you don’t have an avatar that’s mean you are try­ing to hide some­thing or you are not tak­ing inter­est in this site.

3. When you are on Twit­ter for a short period of time: For new­bies, it is very dif­fi­cult to cre­ate fol­low­ers. If you set up an account and tweet for few times and remain absent for a long time, will give a strong rea­son to the peo­ple to not to fol­low you.

4. When you have locked your account: Becom­ing too pri­vate on Twit­ter can make it dif­fi­cult for the peo­ple to keep a track of the con­tents to be retweeted. If your account is locked, peo­ple may not like to fol­low you.

5. When you don’t have any­thing worth to share: What­ever you share, should be mean­ing full and inter­est­ing. If you tweet for sev­eral times, but it makes no sense to other peo­ple than it will not add value to any­one and you weren’t fol­lowed by others.

6. When you don’t tweet on a reg­u­lar basis: It is very nec­es­sary to remain active on Twit­ter. It doesn’t mean that you have to tweet daily, but you should be reg­u­lar in tweet­ing, oth­er­wise peo­ple may miss your tweets and not fol­low you.

7. When you are using self-promotional links: If it seems that you are mostly using self-promotional links or words, oth­ers may not feel the need of fol­low­ing you. It is just a social medium and should be used in a way that peo­ple will feel like fol­low­ing you.

8. If you only tweet about your busi­ness: If you always talk about your busi­ness, it will be like you are pro­mot­ing it and hence, oth­ers may not going to show any inter­est in fol­low­ing you.

9. When you use Twit­ter for sell­ing your prod­ucts: Twit­ter is not a chan­nel to sell or pro­mote your prod­ucts. It is just a plat­form to share your view and mes­sages. So, if peo­ple feel that you are basi­cally try­ing to sell your prod­uct and they may not show any inter­est in fol­low­ing you.

10. If you are pro­mot­ing porn or gam­bling: Putting stuff like porn or gam­bling things will def­i­nitely not going to help you in build­ing a large online fol­low­ing. So, it is always advis­able to keep good and meaning-full stuff that will attract oth­ers to re-tweet.

Every day, thou­sands of peo­ple are sign­ing up for Twit­ter. So, before sign­ing up for your account, you should keep all the above men­tioned points in your mind so that you can enjoy a large num­ber of followers.

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Sanket Patel Myself San­ket Patel co-founder of, the SEO Com­pany. I like to research of Inter­net Mar­ket­ing, Brand Devel­op­ment & Online Rep­u­ta­tion Man­age­ment. You can fol­low me at Google+.