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How To Start A Link Building Campaign For Your Website ?
Posted by Anal Bhatt to Link Building

As we dis­cuss on What is link build­ing, now we all are famil­iar with the link build­ing def­i­n­i­tion. Now we come to the point of the basic guide of link build­ing campaign.

SEOs relay on a num­ber of Link sig­nals which really help to build a link’s value and site Link’s pro­file. As we all know there are many dif­fer­ent Mar­ket­ing activ­ity which raise the first step that is Link Build­ing cam­paign , to cre­ate Goals and strate­gies. Build­ing up qual­i­ta­tive links to your web­site is still most dif­fi­cult to mea­sure and very long term strat­egy to ensure your site to your tar­geted audience.

A suc­cess­ful Link Build­ing Cam­paign is one of the most impor­tant Search Engine Opti­miza­tion Ser­vice that Many SEO firms offer. For Link build­ing cam­paign , you just need to focus on plan­ning as much as you can and this is absolutely true. With­out Care­ful Plan­ning a link build­ing cam­paign starts to fall apart. It is pos­si­ble to get chances of Link build­ing , might be it can be hit or might be it can be miss, So What­ever you want to do , Make sure you stand as much chances as pos­si­ble of get­ting qual­ity Links.

Link Building Lesson Today , We are going to talk about what steps you have to taken for Link Build­ing cam­paign for your website?

Gain­ing Links for Rel­e­vant Search Terms:
There are many ways to gain links which points to your web­site. But , The Rel­e­vancy is more impor­tant and this is the best ways to deter­mine how well a search engines val­ues for your given page through what­ever key­words and phrase you are tar­geted. For Exam­ple : If you try­ing to rank for the phrase “ SEO ser­vices” , Earn­ing Links from pages that already rank for this phrase , that would be bet­ter help sig­nif­i­cantly. You can also Gain­ing links from many SEO ser­vices like Guest Blog­ging , shar­ing your con­tent across social net­works. Reach out to many blog­gers in your indus­try , com­ment on their post and be par­tic­i­pate of a conversation.

Use MozRank Tool­bar
SEO­moz MozRank shows the how pop­u­lar your web page on the web. The page which shows the High mozRank scores tend to rank bet­ter. It is very sim­ple to under­stand that , if you build more links to a given page the more pop­u­lar it becomes. Links from impor­tant pages like (.edu or .gov) which really increase a page’s pop­u­lar­ity. A mozRank can be improved by receiv­ing lots of links from semi-popular pages and receiv­ing very few links from very pop­u­lar pages.

Domain Author­ity
Domain Author­ity is rep­re­sent how a web­site will per­form in search engine rank­ings. You can use Domain author­ity when com­par­ing one site to another or analyse the “strength “of your web­site over time. It is a query inde­pen­dent mea­sure that how your domain is to rank for any query. Domain author­ity is cal­cu­lated by analysing the Internet’s domain graph with com­par­ing it to tens of thou­sands of queries in Google.

Competitor’s Back­links
What­ever key­word phrase you tar­geted , you can Exam­in­ing the back­links of a web­site which already ranks well. The Open Site Explorer , tool is very use­ful for dis­cover competitor’s links and you can tar­get those domains in own link build­ing cam­paigns. You can also gain valu­able links that really helps you to achieve the ranking.

Analyse the num­ber of links on a page
You need to analyse the num­ber of links on a page , because the value of a link passes is diluted instead of pres­ence of other links on a page. Thus, It is very impor­tant to being linked to by the same page with many links rather than get­ting linked to by a page with few links. It really very impor­tant to know as it is rel­e­vant. Some­times you should be aware because you con­duct a gen­uine link acquisition.

Cre­at­ing Qual­ity con­tent
This is the most organic way to gain qual­ity links to cre­ate a qual­ity con­tent. It is the best way to get a very high author­ity site links to your site and gain very quickly pop­u­lar­ity in the inter­net world. Make sure you should write very unique and rel­e­vant arti­cle , and share through across social net­works. Don’t for­get that more use­ful con­tent you have , the greater chances some­one else will find your con­tent valu­able and link­ing to it.

Poten­tial Refer­ral Traf­fic
Link build­ing never be only con­cern­ing on Search Engines. Links are not only tend to pro­vide bet­ter search rank­ings but it also send tar­geted and valu­able vis­i­tors to your site. You can check your site ana­lytic and check the num­ber of vis­its , page views , search traf­fic etc. You can also get the rough idea of your domain-wide traf­fic through Google Trends for Web­sites , Even though these esti­mates are usu­ally con­sid­ered to be inac­cu­rate at times.

It is not a lengthy process , but it takes time to prac­tise and get expe­ri­enced to build these vari­ables as they related to search engine traf­fic. How­ever , you should be able to deter­mine your Link build­ing cam­paign through website’s ana­lytic. These met­rics will def­i­nitely rise a suc­cess­ful link build­ing campaign.


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Anal Bhatt My Self Anal Bhatt. I have been Work­ing At as a Search Mar­ket­ing Expert Since 1 Year. I have been Exper­tise in Search Engine Mar­ket­ing & Social Media Opti­miza­tion. Dur­ing this time I become very pas­sion­ate about integrity, user expe­ri­ence, and build­ing community.