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How To Submit & Get Approval For Our Submissions In Dmoz Directory?
Posted by Anant Patel to Link Building

Dmoz is sim­ply the most respected and the largest direc­tory sys­tem trusted by many search engines. It com­mands respect because it has laid down very strict guide­lines for accept­ing a con­tent. It is an open direc­tory project that relies heav­ily on vol­un­teer edi­tors to approve links. Var­i­ous edi­tors are recruited to review spe­cific cat­e­gories. Due to the increas­ing pop­u­lar­ity of Dmoz and heavy sub­mis­sions, it some­times may take months to get approval for the same. If you would like to get a fast approval, make sure to con­tact pro­fes­sional SEO com­pa­nies to sub­mit Direc­tory List­ings on your behalf. Almost every­one in the Inter­net Mar­ket­ing indus­try would know the sig­nif­i­cance of DMOZ for Search Engine Opti­miza­tion (SEO), but mak­ing a suc­cess­ful list­ing in Dmoz itself means that it is the best sub­mis­sion that one has ever made. Search engines love DMOZ since it is a direc­tory that ensures the high­est qual­ity. They do not accept sites with dupli­cate content.

DMOZ Directory ProjectThere are a lot of SEO com­pa­nies who do Dmoz sub­mis­sion for you but not all are suc­cess­ful in get­ting an approval. That’s the rea­son why SEO’s have to strug­gle hard to find the right experts in order to increase the chances of get­ting approval. Even the use of the most sea­soned expert for  Dmoz sub­mis­sion ser­vice does not always ensure a chance of approval. But there are experts who have a very high suc­cess ratio, and they are the best to get an approval for the sub­mis­sions. Here are some good rea­sons as to why we should sub­mit your sites to Dmoz:

1 High Page Rank.
2 Well orga­nized web direc­tory.
3 Higher search rankings.

High Page Rank
On vis­it­ing the home­page of DMOZ, it will be noticed that it a high Page Rank web­site. There are plenty of other web­sites link­ing to this direc­tory over the years, the rea­son why the Page rank is stable.

Well orga­nized web direc­tory
When your URL has been approved, your web­site will appear next to sites related to your niche. That means your site is only listed on a page that is rel­e­vant to your theme. You don’t need just links, you need highly rel­e­vant links and only a well orga­nized web direc­tory like DMOZ can ful­fil this.

High Search Rank­ings
On get­ting your sub­mis­sions approved, you will get the ben­e­fits of higher search rank­ings. High search rank­ings ensures that you receive more tar­geted traf­fic through the search engines on a daily basis.

Below stated are some points on how to sub­mit your web­site on DMOZ:

How to sub­mit your site?
After select­ing the best cat­e­gory that is rel­e­vant to your web­site, you could click on the sug­gest URL link. The sub­mis­sion page con­tain sub­mis­sion guide­lines. The descrip­tions needs to be brief and should accu­rately describe all the con­tents of the web­site. The descrip­tion should only be lim­ited to the web­site and can­not con­tain pro­mo­tional words. If the descrip­tion is tar­geted to be  more pro­mo­tional than objec­tive, the approval time for the site will be delayed since the edi­tor will cor­rect the descrip­tion. Many of peo­ples use auto-submission soft­ware to sub­mit in dmoz direc­tory   a vio­la­tion the dmoz sub­mis­sion guide­lines. Web­sites which are sub­mit­ted through an auto­matic sub­mis­sion soft­ware will be recorded into the black­lists. The black-listed sites will be not be con­sid­ered to be   listed in the direc­tory. The Dmoz direc­tory sys­tem never sends an email noti­fi­ca­tion to inform that your site is deleted. If the auto­matic sub­mis­sion is con­tin­u­ously used, DMOZ will ban our IP address. Once the IP address is banned, access to the web­site will be lost forever.

After Sub­mit the Site in Dmoz
After you sub­mit the web­site, the edi­tor will review your sub­mis­sions to see if it meets the require­ments to be listed in the direc­tory. It will be much longer time for the site to get approval. It does hap­pen some­times that if the edi­tor is online, the site gets  imme­di­ate approval within a few min­utes of sub­mis­sion. Sub­mis­sion of dif­fer­ent URL from the same site is not encour­aged  After the site is listed on DMOZ, it will take 2 weeks for the search engine to crawl the site. Dmoz has always been sup­ported by the giants of search engines such as Yahoo, Google, Bing, name a few. If the site does not appear on the search engine after 2 weeks, you should con­tact the edi­tor. If you want to get approval very soon, make sure the site doesn’t have bro­ken links. A bro­ken link checker could be used to check the links on the web­site. Web­sites with pro­fes­sional tem­plates usu­ally get approved much faster. The most impor­tant thing is that the site must pro­vide use­ful infor­ma­tion for the public.

Update Site Title and Descrip­tion
Some­times, the edi­tor will make mod­i­fi­ca­tions to the title and the descrip­tion of list­ing. If you are unsat­is­fied, you can send a request by using the update URL form. You should always be hum­ble and show respect to the edi­tor oth­er­wise your list­ing may get deleted. In the update URL form, you must include the rea­son why you want to mod­ify your site and the ways you want them to be cor­rected. Gen­er­ally, it will take up to 3 days for the edi­tor to respond.

These meth­ods are good enough to increase the chances of get­ting an approved DMOZ submission.


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