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Rumored or Truth of Google Update in UK January 17 2013
Posted by Sanket Patel to Google

We recently got so many state­ments and talks regard­ing Google update since last Tues­day. Nobody is sure about, it is the part of which one, some says panda, some says EMD, and some thinks that it is the part of pen­guin update. These days this thing is on a sud­den rise, which is result­ing into drop­ping in the rank­ings of many sites specif­i­cally in UK websites.

Panda UpdatesThis web­mas­ters thread  is say­ing all in one place about this update. It’s a sig­nal for the update, but still every­one is wait­ing for the offi­cial Google announce­ment on this.

Prob­a­bly, it is some­thing related to Pen­guin. Many SEO com­pa­nies have real­ized some changes occurred recently in the rank­ings. We have already started to track the rank­ings for the UK cam­paigns, and it seems like there are some changes in the rank­ing, although, not a huge difference.

Right now, one can­not pre­dict any­thing about this update. What you can do is, try to mea­sure the dif­fer­ence in your key­word rank­ing, start from Mon­day. See the impact or any­thing that you’ll be able to track. Google will surely drop their feed­back on this update in their web­mas­ter cen­tral blogs in the future. Hope it will pub­lish soon.

For more infor­ma­tion related to this stuff, you can visit twit­ter, web­mas­ter world and many more. It looks like this update hit in the UK exactly.

Is any­one hit by this update? Or have seen some dra­matic change in traf­fic or rank­ing? Let us know your thoughts.

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