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SEO Trends And Predications For 2013
Posted by Hiren Vaghela to SEO

2013 will be the year full of sur­prises in terms of search engine updates and despite of Google panda, may be the pen­guin and upcom­ing “zebra” also. See the below graph, peo­ple love these words, which are already pop­u­lar in the search indus­try. Take a look

To over­come these google updates, you may find so many things likes, tips and tricks to take away your site from those updates. Before I start the pre­dic­tions and trends for SEO 2013, Let us overview the over­all recap of what hap­pened in the search indus­try in the year 2011 & 2012.

SEO world is like a SEA and you have to dive quickly to find the direc­tion:
Whooooeeee, It’s the panda, which is updated by google and released in 2011. Those updates have major­ity hit all low qual­ity websites.

Now, let’s come to Pen­guin update, It was a huge hit on all spammy link build­ing tac­tics and link net­works web­sites dur­ing summer.

All those web­mas­ters, who depends on the link net­works and other spammy link build­ing meth­ods, all of them got affected by this update.


If you are in the Inter­net mar­ket­ing busi­ness, it is vital to have google ana­lyt­ics installed for your site to track your traf­fic and other rank­ing dropped.

You can be able to mea­sure the dropped traf­fic period dates based on the GA. It will help like a clue whether, your site is hit by any update or not.

Don’t have any idea where to start? No prob­lem at all. We can help you in bet­ter way to rid out your site from the panda and pen­guin updates.

So What SEO brings in 2013?

1)Reuse your con­tent in the form of dif­fer­ent media:

Con­tent cre­ation and their pro­mo­tion must be a very impor­tant task in your web promotion.

I sug­gest here to use your con­tent in var­i­ous forms of media, like con­vert into pdf and sub­mit into Doc sites like and You will surely get a strong search sig­nal by apply­ing qual­ity and infor­ma­tive information.

Cre­ate an ebook and pro­mote it as free down­load in return for their con­tact details.

You have a good chance of car­ry­ing good leads by the best ebooks dis­tri­b­u­tion in a proper way.
2)Diversify Links:

After all panda and pen­guin update link will remain same and treat all as same as a rank­ing fac­tor. Just the view has been changed a lit­tle bit by the search engine.

Don’t rely on same link pat­terns, try to get dif­fer­ent and qual­ity link. See below for some of the great ways to get links in dif­fer­ent ways.

Gather Links from:-

1. Grab the link­ing oppor­tunists from the good qual­ity sites, not from spammy sites. This is not an easy task to do, Check your competitor’s site link­ing struc­ture and try to acquire from them.

These things require a lot of work and ded­i­cated plan which is per­fectly described by Dr Pete in his post.

2. Startup links: These links are mainly from web 2.0 prop­er­ties, guest post and many more. This will cre­ate the first layer to your site’s link profile.

Key note: Do not be aggres­sive to acquire links, take it easy and think twice, why i am putting my link on this site?

3. Impact­ful links: Try and mea­sure your best competitor’s link pro­file and diver­sify anchor texts. Check which are help­ful to you and which don’t.

3.Google Author­ship (Google+):
Wel­come to Google Authorship

If you are a busi­ness owner or a part of inter­net mar­ket­ing busi­ness then do not miss to setup/claim your google+ pro­file link back to your site.

Google itself pushes google+ to all their prod­ucts which seems like a very big change in the search giant. Love to see, what will be the next thing, hap­pens in the future.

Most of the peo­ple have seen the “not pro­vided’ data in their google ana­lyt­ics data, those vis­its usu­ally comes from the place, where peo­ple are gen­er­ally logged in the google’s products.

Google author­ship pro­vides you greater vis­i­bil­ity in many cases. Search results with pic­tures are really eye catchy and you can be able to see changes in the impres­sions, clicks, CTRs, and aver­age posi­tions in your WMT as well.


There are many things, where we have a con­trol to build the links. I sug­gest you to think twice before putting the link any­where and just ask your­self, Is this be help­ful to your vis­i­tors? If it is yes, then you are very near to gather a nat­ural link for sure.

Google is always play­ing a big role in your mar­ket­ing cam­paign, So just stay away from low qual­ity links and not overly spammy anchor text profile.

Also, What do you think about the new rank­ing fac­tors will be in 2013?

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