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Understanding the Boundaries of Using Too Much SEO
Posted by Khyati Patel to SEO

Fol­low­ing Google’s recent Panda and Pen­guin updates which tar­geted web­sites using poor con­tent and link­ing build­ing, over opti­mi­sa­tion and exces­sive key­words; numer­ous web­sites are now try­ing to deter­mine the bound­aries of what may be con­sid­ered to be too much SEO.

Luck­ily find­ing this answer doesn’t have to be difficult.

Accord­ing to SEO experts, what Google deems to be over opti­mi­sa­tion is: key­word stuff­ing, link­ing aggres­sively to poor qual­ity web­sites which are not rel­e­vant to your own and over-repeating the same 2 key­words over and over again on the same page.

Do any of these and Google is likely to penalise your web­site by de-indexing these pages and ulti­mately low­er­ing your rankings.

How­ever, SEO experts feel that web­site own­ers have got lit­tle to fear as long as they incor­po­rate good SEO prac­tices into their websites.

For instance as long as they strive to offer con­sumers good qual­ity con­tent that is infor­ma­tive and use­ful then updates such as Pen­guin and Panda will not harm their rankings.

Sim­i­larly by doing the fol­low­ing they feel you can keep your web­site safe:

* Keep news sec­tions up-to-date
* Reg­u­larly add need con­tent to your web­site
* Don’t fill your con­tent full of key­words which reduce the flu­id­ity of the copy. Keep key­words rel­e­vant and don’t overuse
* Mon­i­tor your con­ver­sions on Google Ana­lyt­ics to see which of your key­words are con­vert­ing bet­ter than oth­ers and when
* Lis­ten to con­sumer feed­back about your brand and take their com­ments on board

Ulti­mately Google’s goal behind these updates is to offer con­sumers web­sites with infor­ma­tive, well-written con­tent that answers all their queries and desires. So strive to achieve this and you can feel rest assured that your site won’t be penalised.

How­ever if you’re wor­ried about how these updates will con­tinue to impact on your web­site, why not enlist the help of an SEO provider. They can ensure that your web­site adheres to Google’s guide­lines, whilst imple­ment­ing a range of SEO tools to improve the vis­i­bil­ity of your site and your author­ity in your cho­sen history.

More impor­tantly they can help you to pre­pare for future Google updates so you are always giv­ing con­sumers what they want.

About the author

Khyati Patel Myself Khy­ati Patel works for Blurb­point Media as a Sr. SEO. I have been in Inter­net mar­ket­ing field since last 4 years. My area of exper­tise includes search engine opti­miza­tion, Ecom­merce SEO and social media mar­ket­ing. You can fol­low me on Twit­ter and Have me in your Google+ Circle.