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What is Link Building ?
Posted by Anal Bhatt to Link Building

This is very com­mon ques­tion who are engag­ing in SEO field That what is Link Build­ing ? I know you all are aware of this sim­ple ques­tion of mine. I often find myself explain­ing that what a link is and how it will be ben­e­fit to web­site Own­ers ? So, here I explain­ing you to what Link build­ing is all about ?

Link Build­ing a very broad and vague term , It usu­ally define as a process of exchang­ing links with other web­sites. It’s known as a hyper­links which help to get traf­fic to your site , and also you can invite more peo­ple to find your valu­able site , Raise aware­ness for your web­site , and most impor­tantly it has been found by search Engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo etc. Through Links , Search Engines not only ana­lyze the pop­u­lar­ity of a web­site & also pop­u­lar­ity of pages link­ing to them, but it also ana­lyze the trust , spam and author­ity. If you ever noticed it , that Trust­wor­thy sites tend to link to other trusted sites while spammy sites receive very few links from trusted sources.

Link build­ing is an art and it always being the most chal­leng­ing part of SEO’s Job. It gen­er­ate “value” or “pop­u­lar­ity sta­tus” on the web. It should be noted that Search Engines have also many cri­te­ria that will give the bet­ter search results but, Inbound Links are often gives the most weighted results.

Link Building

Why Link Build­ing is Important?

Link build­ing is very impor­tant as every web­site own­ers want more and more traf­fic to their sites , It also can lead to rev­enue from adver­tis­ers. There are incom­ing and out­go­ing links which con­sist as of Links. Out­go­ing links are uti­lized as Rec­i­p­ro­cal Links. Con­fus­ing?? In sim­ple lan­guage I can say that I put a link on my site to your site and you put a link on your site to my site. This is the process of link passes with equal value. But , One thing you should notice that , it would not ben­e­fi­cial to you if you traded links with a spam site or site that is com­pletely related to yours. Out­bound links are eas­ily assist search Engine ‘crawlers’ to find­ing more con­tent. So, It’s very impor­tant to have out­bound links on your site for more than just rec­i­p­ro­cal reasons.

How Link Build­ing is accomplished?

To accom­plished a links there are options like You can do both ways nat­u­rally or Organ­i­cally. It depends on you that what are the ways you should imple­mented? For exam­ple : Clients are very famil­iar with your ser­vices and they are very happy and want to write about your site on their per­sonal blog and insert a link to your site . That will be a chance that your busi­ness might be picked up by a local busi­ness list­ing site and have a link to your site. These links will be based on your unique con­tent , Ser­vice or your mer­chan­dise. As This process proved to be very slow , and many web­site own­ers want to receive a good results in very less time . So, Often­times They uti­liz­ing con­tex­tual Link Build­ing. There are no short­cuts to get a suc­cess­ful link build­ing cam­paign as it done prop­erly. Patience and per­sis­tence are the keys because it take time to build links from cred­i­ble sources.

Where to Get started?

Look at your com­pe­ti­tion ! You can check out the whole details to your com­peti­tor site and See what they did to help opti­mize their own efforts. You can also check the eval­u­a­tion of key­words , that which key­words are essen­tial to your busi­ness and which ones are dom­i­nated by your com­peti­tors? You can uti­lize those key­words through Blogs, press release , arti­cles , Anchor Text etc. You just need to con­cen­trate about Your Content.

As we all know “ Con­tent is King “ , and it is very use­ful for to get more links to your site. You are plac­ing your con­tent on your blogs, press releases etc. On very rep­utable site. Con­tent always plays vital Role for get­ting good traf­fic to your site. If your con­tent is eye-catching then only you can impress your vis­i­tors and they will be attracted towards sales.

Hope­fully now you are famil­iar what­ever infor­ma­tion I describe you about Link Build­ing. Some­time lInk Build­ing is a cause of much frus­tra­tion for many peo­ple , but it’s very easy to implemented.


About the author

Anal Bhatt My Self Anal Bhatt. I have been Work­ing At as a Search Mar­ket­ing Expert Since 1 Year. I have been Exper­tise in Search Engine Mar­ket­ing & Social Media Opti­miza­tion. Dur­ing this time I become very pas­sion­ate about integrity, user expe­ri­ence, and build­ing community.

  • Ravi Kumar

    @Anal, very true said that Con­tent is king now a day. We have to cre­ate more and more con­tent for link build­ing and it comes true by an eye catch­ing and infor­ma­tive arti­cles. What are the oth­ers meth­ods we can per­form for link build­ing except con­tent cre­ation. Please sug­gest. What you do in your firm, are you a blog­ger there?