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Why WordPress Rules? 7 Spotlights on WordPress
Posted by Monish Vora to Web Development

Word­Press is a widely used Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem (CMS) cur­rently. You will find most blogs over the Inter­net which is cre­ated on Word­Press. It is a wrong per­cep­tion that Word­Press is only meant for blog­ging. In fact, it could be used to cre­ate and man­age a num­ber of web­sites for online shop­ping, gam­ing, var­i­ous busi­nesses and many others.

Let’s have a look at some of the coolest fea­tures of WordPress:

Friends with SEO
Word­Press is a delight for the search engines. The sites cre­ated on this plat­form are indexed much bet­ter by major search engines. Also, there are var­i­ous plu­g­ins avail­able on Word­Press and also SEO friendly themes for improv­ing your per­for­mance on search engines

Friendly with Social Media
There are numer­ous social media plu­g­ins cre­ated only for Word­Press. You could use these plu­g­ins to auto­mat­i­cally post your con­tent on var­i­ous social net­work­ing web­sites. Thus, it saves your time from man­u­ally dis­trib­ut­ing the posts on var­i­ous sites. Also, we get the social shar­ing and pro­file plu­g­ins which makes the task easier.

It’s Free
It is open source soft­ware and is free to down­load and install. It saves you from spend­ing money on design­ers, cod­ing and var­i­ous devel­op­ers. You may be charged for each page cre­ated for your web­site. But, it’s all free with Word­Press. Also, it offers free updates.

New Improved Spam and Secu­rity Fea­tures
One of the best plu­gin for Word­Press is the Akismet which can block spam com­ments. It is well coded and is high in secu­rity. In addi­tion to Akismet, there are other plu­g­ins avail­able as well to ensure secu­rity for your site.

CMS enabled for Multi Users
With the use of some plu­g­ins, an admin­is­tra­tor could assign the users to be authors, edi­tors, sub­scribers, con­trib­u­tors and var­i­ous oth­ers roles. The admin­is­tra­tor is the top-most author­ity for the site and it is up to him to accept or reject a par­tic­u­lar post.

Eas­ily Acces­si­ble On Mobile
It is easy to make a Word­Press site com­pat­i­ble on mobile phones and tablets. There are var­i­ous themes avail­able free of cost and also some which cost a nom­i­nal amount. These themes are spe­cially designed for your mobile devices. There are var­i­ous plu­g­ins avail­able to make yours a mobile friendly web-site.

Sched­ule and Pub­lish Posts Auto­mat­i­cally
You can sched­ule when you would like to post a par­tic­u­lar con­tent. This fea­ture comes handy when you have cre­ated a lot of posts and sim­ply sched­ule when each post should be pub­lished. This is pos­si­ble with a Word­Press account from

There are no sec­ond thoughts on the fact that Word­Press has slowly and steadily trans­formed into a fully-featured Con­tent Man­age­ment Sys­tem (CMS) from mere blog­ging soft­ware. It is by far, the most user-friendly tool as com­pared to any other systems.

About the author

Monish Vora This is Mon­ish Vora. In less than 1 year with Blurb­point, I came to know where my heart is – SEO. Cur­rently, I am the Search Mar­ket­ing Expert. I spe­cial­ize in E-commerce SEO and other Link Build­ing ser­vices. An avid reader, writ­ing arti­cles is my hobby, and one of my val­ued assets is my research­ing abil­ity. Trust me, there is noth­ing more excit­ing than dri­ving and man­ag­ing online traffic.